The holiday season is always such a special time! While busy with parties, planning, cooking favorite family recipes, gift-giving, etc., it is also a time to catch up with family and friends closest to us, building memories by sharing experiences together filled with laughter, support and love.

This holiday season feels extra special to me because the Reno Phil is celebrating an amazing milestone, its 50th anniversary! I am savoring each event. We planned this celebratory season after listening carefully to you over several years to learn what is most meaningful to you and your family about the Phil. We present each and every concert as a gift we’ve chosen with great love and care, wrapped in enormous gratitude for the opportunity to share great music with you. We hope each concert will delight you, bring you joy, intrigue you with a new musical experience, or stir your emotions with overwhelming waves of beautiful sound.

And while we look back at the visionary conductors, board members, musicians and audiences that have made the Phil what it is today, we also hope to look forward and cement a future for the Phil’s presence at the core of this region’s identity- bringing enrichment so meaningful that even generations from now, no one can imagine northern Nevada without the Reno Phil. 

Your generous donation to our 50th & Forever campaign will allow us to continue for years into the future. Join us in making a bold investment in the future of the Reno Phil. 

Warmest wishes to you this holiday season,


Laura Jackson
Music Director and Conductor