Reaching out with music


Students entering the Pioneer Center to attend a YPC performance.

The Reno Philharmonic, in partnership with the Washoe County School District, presents Young People’s Concerts (YPCs) for over 8,000 third, fourth and fifth-grade students every year. Most attendees are students from the Washoe County School District who travel by bus to the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. Students from other districts, private schools, and home schools are also welcome to attend.

This concert experience is intended to provide young listeners (age 7-12) with an enjoyable introduction to symphonic music, enhance live music appreciation, and hopefully inspire them to become musicians themselves.

Past Performances

The series of virtual episodes produced in March 2021 is still available free of charge, along with classroom materials. Please email for links and supplemental materials.

The Fall 2022 YPC The Elements of Music was held on September 22 and 23.

Upcoming Performances

May 4 and 5, 2023

Registration for the Spring 2023 YPCs is open. Just click on the program above to go to the registration page.

Individual donors, local businesses, and foundation support have allowed us to offer these concerts at no cost AND cover buses for Washoe County schools this year, so please don’t let cost be a barrier to attendance.

The spring 2023 YPCs will be in-person, live performances on Thursday May 4 and Friday May 5. The orchestra will perform one of the Link Up programs developed by Carnegie Hall! This is an interactive program where students can participate with their voices, recorders, or violins. More information on the program can be found here

For questions please email Heather Gage