Meet Eileen Brownell

Reno Phil Cellist

What year did you join the orchestra?
I won a contract in 1994 when I was in high school, and then again in 2008 when I moved back to Reno.

How long have you been playing music?
Since playing in Nancy Hoffman’s sixth grade orchestra at Lena Juniper.

How did you pick your instrument?
Cello was the only instrument where the girls could wear pants.

Cello performance, private instruction, Artistic Director of the Tahoe Chamber Music Society, board member and performer with the ReNew new music ensemble, adjunct instructor at Western Nevada College.

When you’re not playing with the Reno Phil, what would we most likely see you doing in your free time?
Walking dogs, running, knitting.

What genre of music are you most excited to play?

What is your favorite piece of all time to play, and why?
I can’t possibly answer that. There are too many reasons to get excited about playing.

If you could meet one composer/musician, who would it be and why?
Again- this is too difficult to answer. I have so many favorites.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
What’s ‘vacation’?

What do you think the audience would find surprising about you?
I have no idea-I’m pretty transparent.

What about performing live music brings you joy?
I love that music performance allows for living artists and audiences to share the experiences that past composers, performers, and audience members also enjoyed- It is like a massive sea of sound that envelops you and allows you to exist in the past and future all at once. It is a time capsule that allows generations of people to share joy, triumph, pain, and struggle and know that we have and will continue to persevere.


Meet Reno Phil cellist Eileen Brownell and listen to a delightful gigue by Bach!