Parky and Chris

Parky and Chris May

Parky and Chris May
Members, Lenz Legacy Society

I’m Musically Illiterate.

When my wife, Chris, and I moved from Truckee to Reno several years ago we made a choice to subscribe to multiple activities here. One was Reno Philharmonic. Fast forward several years, and my wife Chris and I have now included the Reno Phil in our trust. I’m hoping you will consider making your own legacy gift to strengthen this wonderful orchestra.

Much as I enjoy it, I’m illiterate when it comes to music. Chris, on the other hand, has a music background, and had the good fortune to serve as a chaperon in Europe with American Youth Symphony before our marriage. We’ve both been involved in education for people of all ages, and appreciate how music can enrich the lives of both adults and children.

Over the years we’ve seen from the inside the high quality in which this organization functions. I’m a business person and I look at the Phil as part business, part arts provider. They are good stewards of their money. Because of this, Chris and I made a special gift to the Phil to promote the legacy gifts program as a primary way to build its endowment.

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