Questions about attending a Reno Philharmonic performance:

What do I wear?

It’s always the first question, but should be the last thing to worry about.

Our performances can be more formal in an informal town. Some people enjoy dressing up, wearing suits and cocktail dresses to celebrate the occasion. You’ll see some finery, but rarely a tuxedo or evening gown. Patrons will wear what is most comfortable and reflective of their own style. We encourage you to dress appropriately and the key thing to remember is that we want you to enjoy the show, not kill yourself (or your wallet) over clothing.

Best answer: Wearing what makes you feel comfortable will set the tone for a wonderful evening.

When should I arrive?

Many patrons arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin. Will call ticket patrons should arrive at least 30 minutes early. Latecomers will be seated at the first musical break, at the discretion of the ushers. The first piece on the program is usually short and arriving late means you might miss one piece. A video monitor in the lobby allows late patrons to hear and see the action on stage while waiting for late seating opportunities.

What if I don’t enjoy or know the music?

Bravo to you for exploring something new! Come to the Pre-concert Preview where Laura Jackson, the conductor, will briefly talk about the pieces, the composers and why she chose the evening’s compositions. This extra knowledge will make the music more enjoyable–and understandable–for you. The program notes are online, as well. These will give you a broad overview on the pieces being performed.

When do I applaud?

It is so easy to get swept up in the momentousness of the music and start applauding alone. Don’t worry – we’ve all done it. When you get to the concert, look at the program page. Most musical compositions are made up of 3-4 sections (or movements), with brief pauses between. It is customary, but difficult, to hold your applause until the end of the final movement. If you still aren’t certain when to applaud, a good sign is when the conductor either turns around or steps off the podium. If all else fails, you can always wait for the rest of the audience to begin clapping.

May I bring my children?

You must have a ticket to attend a concert. Infants are not advised, as they could disrupt the patrons around you. If you have an infant, please advise the Box Office Manager so they can seat you in an area where you may easily exit in case of fussy behavior. Use discretion on whether your child is able to sit through a concert. There are many ways to expose your child to classical music. Children of all ages are welcome at Spirit of the Season and any Family Concerts that are produced with the whole family in mind.

Where do I park?

30 min. Ticket Sales Parking
There are two 30 minute ticket sales parking spots on Court St. marked with the Pioneer Center logo.

Club Cal-Neva
101 N. Center St.
Free with validation inside casino. (450 spaces)

Club Cal-Neva
Stadium Parking
100 N. Center St.
FREE (727 spaces)

Washoe County Restricted Parking On Court St. between Virginia and Sierra Streets.
Free evenings and weekends only (400 spaces)

Wells Fargo
200 S. Virginia St.
Free evenings and weekends only. (47 spaces)

May I bring my cellular or wireless phone?

Please turn off all cellular or wireless phones before entering the concert hall. Please also disconnect electronic signals on watches and paging devices before the performance.

May I take pictures or record the performance?

The use of still, video and digital cameras or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited during the performance. Pictures are encouraged during ovations and prior to the start of the performance.

How long is a typical performance?

Although concert length varies, most performances are about two hours, including one 20-minute intermission.

What if I’m unable to attend my performance?

All single-ticket sales for non-subscribers are final.

Subscribers may exchange any of their tickets for other performances. If you cannot attend a performance, simply exchange tickets at least 24 hours before the performance. You may exchange tickets online, by fax, mail or in person for another performance within the same season. There is an additional cost if seating upgrades apply, and all exchange requests are subject to availability.

You may also donate your ticket back to the Reno Philharmonic Association and receive a donation receipt. Please contact the RPA Box Office at (775) 323-6393 at your earliest convenience. Click here to donate your ticket back.

If you have further questions, please contact us at renophil@renophil.com.