John McCall

Board of Trustees

John McCall holds master’s degrees in Physics and Business Administration. He spent 28 years at the Livermore Lab, principally developing computer systems to solve scientific and administrative challenges. One of his favorite assignments was forming a group to study a new thing called a ‘personal computer’ to see if it was useful for anything.

After leaving the Lab, Mr. McCall joined his wife Diane to form a consulting company to do contract computer work. Shortly after moving to Nevada in 1999, he ‘retired’. This involved joining boards of several organizations: Local community government, Nevada Opera, Tahoe Symphony (TOCCATA), The Tahoe Rim Trail and the Reno Phil. On each of these he has served as Treasurer and occasionally as Chair.

Mr. McCall lives at Lake Tahoe where he greatly enjoys hiking, trail building and the scenery. He frequently comes to Reno for Phil committee meetings and much-loved concerts.