The Golden Era of Reno

Pops on the River 2020

Saturday, July 11, 2020


Thank you for being a part of our Reno Phil and Pops on the River community. For the past 26 years, Pops on the River has been THE party of the summer for many and is the major fundraiser each year for the Reno Phil.

While it was a difficult decision, our team has decided to cancel Pops on the River, which was to be held on July 11, 2020 at Wingfield Park, because we care about the safety and wellbeing of our patrons and musicians.

BUT GOOD NEWS! We have secured this year’s scheduled guest vocalists Tony DeSare & Capathia Jenkins for July 10, 2021 and will host Pops on the River: The Golden Era of Reno next year. 

Although we won’t be gathering in person this summer, we are suggesting a few ways you can support us and join in on some fun(draising!) from wherever you are. With your help, we can lessen the impact of coronavirus on our organization. Thank you for your support during this challenging time.

Three Ways You Can Continue to Support the Reno Phil

#1 Let Us Know If You’d Like to Donate Your Ticket(s) or Table Purchase
You can choose to donate the cost of your table or ticket purchase to benefit the Reno Phil. The event is our biggest fundraiser and donations from the community will help to ensure we can bring the event back bigger and better in 2021.

#2 Credit Your Ticket(s) or Table Purchase to the 2021 Event
Apply your ticket or table purchase to next year’s event (July 10, 2021); you will automatically be registered for next year if you choose this option.

If options #1 or #2 are not a viable option for you, you may receive a full refund.
(Please note: we can only refund directly to the table purchaser; we cannot split the refund into separate payments to more than one individual)

Please fill out our online form below with which option works best for you. You can also contact rsvp@renophil.com or call 775-323-6393 to let us know which option you’d prefer.

#3 Help Us Raise Money for the Reno Phil
We’re continuing to pursue our goal of raising funds for the Reno Phil to. While earned revenue from concert sales is currently not an option for the Reno Phil, you can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation to help keep the Reno Phil in a position to bring exciting live music to the community when the time is right.

You can donate any amount at any time here.

Don’t delete us from your calendar yet, we are currently working on a way to keep the party alive (from a distance of course) and are exploring options for an alternate virtual experience for our Pops on the River die-hards! We’ll be in touch with details as they are finalized.  

Thank you for your continuing support of the Reno Phil and your understanding.





Part of what makes Pops on the River such an unforgettable fundraiser is the table & costume contest. Themed tables are judged and then prizes awarded for the following categories:

  • Most Historic
  • Most Outrageous
  • Most Elegant
  • Best Drinkable Concoction
  • Best Golden Era of Reno Theme
  • & of course, Best of Show!

Remember, Pops on the River is a chance to showcase the creativity of our city! Dress to the theme, or not– but dress to impress! Judging is based on creativity and table participation – not the event theme! Unless, of course, you’re competing in the Best Golden Era of Reno Theme category – then we will definitely be judging you on that (DUH). There are no rules for the table decorating and costume contest, but please be respectful of your neighbors. You may be asked to remove anything offensive from your tables or costumes. Tall decorations need to be taken down prior to the start of the concert so as not to block your neighbors view.


Congratulations to our winners from 2019.
2019 Most Outrageous Winners
2019 Most Outrageous Winners "Hare Krishna"
2019 Most Historic Winners
2019 Most Historic Winners "The Moon Landing & Mission Control"
2019 Most Elegant Winner
2019 Most Elegant Winners "Classy Hippies"
2019 Best Woodstock Winner
2019 Best Woodstock Winner "Forrest Gump"
2019 Best of Show Winner
2019 Best of Show Woodstock
2019 Best Drinkable Concoction Winner
2019 Best Drinkable Concoction Winner "Purple Haze"