Play for a Day – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where is Play for a Day?
A: January 6th, 2019 at Billinghurst Middle School 6685 Chesterfield Ln, Reno, NV 89523. Check-in opens at 12:00pm, rehearsals begin at 2:00pm, with a performance following at 6:00pm. The concert will last about 45 minutes.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $30 per person, due by the registration deadline of January 1st.

Q: Do I need to register in advance?
A: Yes. The registration deadline for participants is January 1st, and no exceptions will be made. Anyone can come watch from the audience at 6pm.

Q: What is the purpose of Play for a Day?
A: Play for a Day is a creative outlet for musicians of all levels in our community. Through small and large group rehearsals, people will get a chance to interact, connect, and experience a day of making music together. All proceeds from the event will go to school music programs in our area.

 Q: What ages are allowed to participate?
A: All ages! If you can play the music, you can come! We hope to see a wide mixture of kids and adults from our community. Participants under the age of 15 must have a designated adult with them on site for the duration of the event.

Q: What instruments are allowed to participate?
A: All orchestral instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba & percussion. (Sorry, no saxophones or piano.)

Q: Do I need to bring my own instrument?
A: Yes. Instruments will not be provided, except for minimal percussion. If you need to rent an instrument, we recommend contacting a local music store.

Q: I play percussion. Can I participate? Do I need my own instruments?
A: Yes, we need percussionists too! However, we will only provide a limited number of percussion instruments. We will give priority to percussionists who are able to bring their own instruments.

Q: Do I need to bring my own music on January 6th?
A: Yes. Participants will need to print and bring their music with them. Music can be downloaded here:

Q: I see there are “A, B, and C” versions of the music. How do I know which part to learn and play?
A: This is up to you. A is the original part, just as the composer wrote it. B is a little simpler, and C is the most basic arrangement. Pick the part you are most comfortable with and will have the most fun with! You can mix and match between pieces too, if you want. For seating reasons, you need to stay with the same instrument for the whole day, but you can choose different levels of difficulty for each piece.

Q: I play violin. How do I know if I play 1st or 2nd violin parts?
A: To have the most amount of flexibility, we ask if possible, you learn both parts. If you have a strong preference, you may self-select which part you feel more comfortable playing.

Q: Should string players do the printed bowings?
A: We’re not going to try to match up bowings this year. With all the different levels, it would be pretty tricky! Make sure to have a pencil at rehearsal though, in case things are added at that time. For now, practice the parts using whatever bowings are comfortable for you.

Q: I play a woodwind or brass instrument. How do I know if I should play the 1st or 2nd part?
A: To have the most amount of flexibility, we ask if possible, you learn both parts. If you have a strong preference, you may self-select which part you feel more comfortable playing.

Q: What if I am comfortable with 3 or 4 of the songs, but not all of them?
A: If there is a song(s) you are not comfortable playing by January 6th, you are welcome to sit and listen to the music around you and rest during that song.

Q: What if the weather is bad on January 6th?
A: Winters are unpredictable in Nevada. We hope the sun will be shining, but if it’s not, we reserve the right to cancel the event by 5pm on January 5th. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Q: What do my registration fees go toward?
A: The proceeds for this event go toward supporting the WCSD music programs.

Q: My friend might want to sign up too. Is space limited?
A: The more the merrier! We do not anticipate the need to turn anyone away.

Q: I see there is a concert at 6:00pm. Who can attend? Is it free?
A: Anyone is welcome to the concert! Invite your friends and family to come hear you jam with the Reno Phil. The concert is free of charge, but donations are welcomed and 100% will go to the WCSD music programs.

Q: Will there be food available?
A: We will have snacks, water & coffee available. You are also welcome (and encouraged) to bring your own snacks and water bottles.

Q: Where should I park?
A: Use the school parking lot or neighborhood street parking. There are no meters or restricted parking in this area.

Q: Is Billinghurst Middle School ADA accessible?
A: Yes. The school is fully accessible and there are no stairs, elevators, or ramps to navigate.

Have another question? Email or call us at 775-323-6393.