April 1, 2021: “Third Time’s a Charm” for Concertmaster Ruth Lenz’s Solo after COVID Cancellations

Reno, Nev. (April 1, 2021)—Concertmaster Ruth Lenz spent months preparing for her role as featured soloist for not one, but two different Reno Phil performances that were inevitably cancelled due to Covid-19. This April, she will get her third opportunity to take the center stage spotlight with the Reno Phil for the virtual season finale concert.

Ruth Lenz is concertmaster of both the Reno Philharmonic and the Reno Chamber Orchestra, as well as a member of the Classical Tahoe Orchestra. Arguably the best violinist in the city, it is no surprise that Music Director Laura Jackson has been attempting to spotlight her playing.

“I am looking forward to Ruth’s performance so much!” said Reno Phil Music Director Laura Jackson. “She is a brilliant player with an amazing athleticism on the instrument and also a warm, beautiful sound. Her playing is always dynamic and thrilling to listen to, and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Ruth will perform Afro-French composer Chevalier de Saint-Georges’ Violin Concerto No. 2 at the Phil’s upcoming concert Fanfare Finale. A conductor, composer, violinist, fencer, fugitive, knight — Joseph de Bologne, known as the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, is one of the most fascinating individuals from the 18th century. A son of a slave, he rose to the top of French society through his mastery of fencing and his genius for classical music. He was a master of both harpsichord and violin.

“I love how joyful this piece is,” said Concertmaster Ruth Lenz. “It feels like the perfect piece for this moment in time. I was a little worried at first about how virtuosic it is. I wanted to try and make sure I could actually play it. It’s very difficult but very fun to play.”

Musical selections on the concert also include one of the most beloved works of our time, Aaron Copland’s anthem Fanfare for the Common Man and the hidden gem, Mozart’s Wind Octet in C Minor. The orchestra will also perform what is considered one of Tchaikovsky’s best works, his Serenade for Strings.

Access links are $25 and support the return of live music to our region. More information can be found on the Reno Phil’s website.

To view the more information about the upcoming performance, click HERE.