Youth Orchestra Tuition

Student tuition doesn’t even cover half of the operating expenses of our Youth Orchestra program. Thanks to private donors and education grants, we are able to keep tuition costs for students as low as possible.

Tuition by card, cash, or check is due at the time of music pick up each July. Payments can also be prepaid with a credit card by phone.

Payment or auto-pay enrollment is required before music is given out or e-mailed.

• Youth String Ensemble (YSE) – $100/year
• Youth Strings Symphonia (YSS) – $100/year
• Youth Concert Orchestra (YCO) – $350/year
• Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) – $400/year

We also offer an automatic monthly payment option to spread tuition over 10 equal monthly payments:

YSE & YSS $10/month, YCO $35/month, YSO $40/month

Financial aid is also available.