Solo Opportunities


Every year, RPYO music students and local pianists are invited to participate in the annual RPYO Concerto Competition. The competition is optional, but all RPYO students are encouraged to apply. The categories are junior piano, senior piano, junior strings, senior strings, and winds/brass/percussion. Junior divisions are 8th grade and under, and senior divisions are 9th grade and up. Division winners will be selected in each category, and up to two grand prize winners will be selected to perform with the YSO. The winner of each division receives a $250 cash prize; the runners-up are titles only and do not receive a cash prize. Detailed guidelines and pre-approved concerti are available at the links below. If your piece is not on the pre-approved list, please apply anyways and we will request approval of your piece. Piano accompaniment is required.

The 2022 Competition was held on Saturday, November 19th, 2022 at the Steinway Gallery of Reno.


2022 Winners


Junior Piano:

Jacob Munoz, 1st Place Division Winner


Junior Strings:

Nika Kalanaki, 1st Place Division Winner

Ella Song, 2nd Place Winner

Juliette Leong, Honorable Mention


Senior Strings

Adele Balcarek, 1st Place Division Winner



Akshansh Chauhan, 1st Place Division Winner

Claire Song, 2nd Place Winner


Overall Competition

Grand Prize Winner: Adele Balcarek

Grand Prize Winner: Akshansh Chauhan

Alternate: Nika Kalanaki


Concerto Competition Guidelines

Pre-Approved Concerti