Pop-Up Performances

On Saturday nights, keep your eyes peeled because the musicians of the Reno Phil will be performing small pop-up performances at different locations around the area. Please remember to keep your distance if you happen across one of these performances. Our goal is to spread joy through music to our community, while keeping everyone safe & healthy!

Meet Our Musicians

We miss you, we miss each other, we miss making music! The musicians of the Reno Phil were asked to perform a short piece that brings them joy in the hopes that they will bring you joy, or at least a smile until we can all be together again.

These videos are generously sponsored by Chris & Parky May.

This video introduces you to Darabello, a solo project featuring the composition and innovative techniques of cellist, Joseph Tatum and his piece for looped cello, titled “The Eternal Lullaby.”

Reno Phil violinist Jessica Escobar shares a few favorites that bring us light in a dark time.

Reno Phil harpist Marina Roznitovsky Oster finds joy in making her audience smile, and we think she accomplished that with the element of surprise! We bet you weren’t expecting to hear this tune on the harp.

Reno Phil bassist Julie Machado and her bass, Sunshine, are sure to delight with this catchy tune about singing in the car.

Reno Phil violinist and Education & Community Engagement Director, Heather Gage, performs a lively piece for a very special audience member – her daughter Emmy.

Meet a man who does it all for the Reno Phil – violinist, pianist, youth orchestra alumnae, and RPA Kids teacher- Aren Long. Aren performs a beautiful & unifying piece about human connection with his roommate, Michael Duane Jackson.

Eric Middleton, Reno Phil percussionist, performs a piece for xylophone guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Meet Reno Phil cellist, Luciana Gallo, and spend a moment enjoying this beautifully hopeful piece of music.

Meet Reno Phil violinist Virginia Bowman. She shows us her non-classical side and introduces us to a very special violin.

Meet Reno Phil cellist Eileen Brownell who performs a delightful gigue by Bach in the video above. A gigue is a lively dance movement – so you just might be inspired to dance around your living room while listening. Consider it your workout for the day!

Meet Reno Phil violist, Tiantian Lan, as he plays an entire quartet plus piano – by himself!

Meet Reno Phil concertmaster Ruth Lenz as she performs the first movement of Prokofiev’s Sonata, one of her favorite pieces for solo violin.

Meet Reno Phil violinist, Sarah Coyl, as she performs an Italian piece that’s title roughly translates to “The Same Old Thing.” She is accompanied by Angelo Monroy on keyboard.

Meet Reno Phil violinist Ellen Flanagan- she plays one of her favorite violin solos from Scheherazade for a surprising audience!

Meet Reno Phil cellist, Johnny Lenz, as he performs a piece on the electric cello. He has dedicated this piece to our first responders.

Season 51 of the Reno Phil has been about experiencing the joy of live music and even though we can’t deliver on the “live” part right now, we want to continue to bring joy into your lives through music. Meet Reno Phil violinist, David Haskins and hear the piece that makes him happy in tough times.

Meet the Reno Phil low brass players Jim Albrecht, Joe Peterson, Andy Williams, and Russ Dickman. They are playing a brand new piece by Steven Verhelst called “Song for Health” – Verhelst describes it as an “appreciation song for our health care and public service workers at the forefront of the corona pandemic.” Learn more at www.musicdoesntstop.com