Yvonne Murphy


Yvonne has been a citizen of the northern Nevada community since 1981. She began her career as an Independent Management Consultant, focusing on Time Economics, Management, Internal External Marketing and Advanced Communication therapies.

In 1997 she made the leap into public policy as a gubernatorial campaign worker. As a result, in 1998, she served as the liaison to the late Governor Kenny C. Guinn and Chief of Staff Pete Ernaut. After leaving the Governor’s office, she spent several years in the corporate office of the prestigious PR firm, RR Partners.

In 2002, she formed the Yvonne Murphy Group where she advises CEO’s and complex partnerships around the world. A devotee of, “Visionary Excellence” – she is also a 7-year Board Trustee for the Intergroup, a publicly traded Nasdaq corporation.

In November of 2021, Yvonne added the Renown Foundation to her ever-busy schedule, functioning in the capacity of Foundation Ambassador. She has a keen focus on raising funds for all matters related to cancer, including but not limited to: research and development, physician recruitment, patient education and care. She is currently working on understanding how music can be used as a healing agent. She does this work to honor the memory of family members who have succumbed to cancer.

Yvonne is passionate about the Art’s–she joined the Reno Philharmonic Board in 2018. Her love of classical music began at the tender age of 8. She recalls the first time she heard Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture – Ravels Bolero and Niccolo Paganini Rhapsody in the Theme of Paganini as truly life altering. She has been a Classix season ticket holder since 2004.

In December of 2021, she was elected Board Chair. It is her intention to lead the organization into a deeper appreciation for the complexities and science of fine classical music.